The dumbbell

MOQ:10 iece
Payment Method:T/T,L/C, Paypal
Supply Capacity:20000 pieces per month
Delivery period:according to the quantity
Standard Packaging:Standard export carbon box or woven sack

Product Name: High quality indoor fitness for the use of impregnated dumbbells
electroplated dumbbells and hexagonal coated dumbbells
Brand: Silver Arrow Brand
Model: YJ-JS-10  YJ-DD-11  YJ-BJ-12 Place Of Origin: China
Custom attributes: 1) impregnated dumbbells
2)electroplated dumbbells
3)hexagonal coated dumbbells

Product Description

  • The surface of the impregnated dumbbell can be processed into smooth surface and frosted surface, using high quality integral cast iron blank, the surface is processed by the impregnated process, the color can be customized according to customer requirements, the color is bright, feel comfortable.Suitable for children and women’s daily recreation and fitness.
  • Hexagonal foot dumbbells are suitable for men’s daily fitness
  • Electroplated dumbbells are suitable for children’s daily fitness for men and women