Silver ARROW Senior Javelin 800G

MOQ:10 pieces
Payment Method:T/T,L/C, Paypal,Western Union
Supply Capacity:2000 pieces per month
Delivery period:according to the quantity
Less then 10 pieces ,delivery time 1 day
Less then 100 pieces,delivery time 2 week
More then 1000 pieces,delivery time 1 month
Standard Packaging:20 pieces 800g javelin in one export standard carton

Product Name: China Popular Best sale National Competition 800g Javelins Throw Athletic Equipment Brand: Silver Arrow Brand
Model: YJ-800 Place Of Origin: China


Custom attributes:

  • Material:Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: red, blue,yellow,green,spiral and three colors
  • YJ series competitive Javelins suitable for school sport meet


  1. Structure: The javelin consists of a steel head, an LC4 aluminum alloy body, and a cotton rope handle. The javelin body has no unevenness, grooves, ridges, hollows, roughness, etc., and the surface is smooth and uniform.
  2. Handle: wrapped around the center of gravity, the diameter of the cotton rope is ≤4mm, the surface of the handle is a regular matte type, without any rope heads, nodules or jagged shapes, and the thickness of the handle is uniform.
  3. Javelin body: It is deformed by upset forging process, keeping the structure of raw materials, and it is not easy to break during use. The javelin body was tapered regularly from the handle to both ends, smoothing excessively. The surface of the Javelin body is painted in single or multiple colors.
  4. Straightness of longitudinal section: The straight section of longitudinal section is less than 0.2mm; it is less than 1.25mm immediately behind the joint of the gun head and the gun body.
  5. tip: The javelin tip is made of steel, deformed into a whole after upsetting, has strong hardness, and the surface is smooth and chrome-plated.