Best quality Carbon steel hammer throwing

MOQ:10 pieces
Payment Method:T/T,L/C, Paypal,Western Union
Supply Capacity:3200 pieces per month
Delivery period:according to the quantity
Less then 10 pieces ,delivery time 1 day
Less then 100 pieces,delivery time 2 week
Standard Packaging:4 pieces in small carton.
20’ container: 12500 pieces

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Product Name: Best quality carbon steel hammer throwing 3kg,4kg,5kg ,6kg,7.26kg Brand: Silver Arrow Brand
Model: SALQ-BX-300,SALQ-BX-400,SALQ-BX-500,SALQ-BX-600,SALQ-BX-726 Place Of Origin: China


Custom attributes:

  • IAAF certificate steel hammer throwing
  • Stainless steel hammer throw equipment
  • Cast iron club hammer training

Product Descrption

  • The hammer shall consist of three main parts: a metal head ,a wire and a handle.
  • The head shall be of solid iron,brass or other metal not softer than brass or a shell of such metal filled with lead or other solid material.The centre of gravity of the head shall be not more than 6mm from the centre of the sphere,i.e.-must be possible to balance the head,less handle and wire,on a horizontal sharp-edged circular orifice 12mm in diameter.
  • The wire shall be a single unbroken and straight length of spring steel wire not less than 3mm in diameter and shall be such that it cannot stretch appreciably while the hammer is being thrown.The wire shall be connected to the head by means of a swivel,which may be either plain or ball bearing.
  • Than handle shall be rigid and without hinging joints of any kind.
  • The hammer shall conform to the following specifications:
Minimum weight for admission to competition and acceptance of a Record:
3.000kg 4.000kg 5.000kg 6.000kg 7.260kg
Information for manufacturers: Range for supply of implement for competition
3.005kg 4.005kg 5.005kg 6.005kg 7.265kg
3.025kg 4.025kg 5.025kg 6.025kg 7.285kg
Length of hammer measured from inside of handle:
Maximum 1195mm 1195mm 1200mm 1215mm 1215mm
(No further tolerance applies to the maximum length.)
Diameter of head:
Minimum 85mm 95mm 100mm 105mm 110mm
Maximum 100mm 110mm 120mm 125mm 130mm

Note: The weight of the implement includes the totality of the hammer head,wire and handle.